Community Resources

Neighborhood Statistics

  • Area: 1.066 square miles
  • Population: 18,962
    North Central Population Density: 17,794 people per square mile
    San Mateo Population Density: 8,473 people per square mile
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City Contacts

  • Illegal Dumping—call Public Works (522-7300)
  • Graffiti Abatement (522-7161)
  • Abandoned Vehicles (on Private Property) call Code Enforcement
  • Code Enforcement (522-7150)
  • Abandoned Vehicles (Public Property – on the street)(522-7766)
  • Police non-emergency (522-7700)
  • Zoning Questions (522-7202)
  • City Parks and Recreation

City of San Mateo
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HIP housing is a readily available resource for low-cost housing in San Mateo and helps provide a home for over 1,000 people every year through he property it owns and manages, it’s Home Sharing, Self-Sufficiency, and reverse Mortgage Consumer Counseling programs.



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