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Register for new and improved SMC ALERT system

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SMC ALERT is an alert notification system used to immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations. You can set alerts to send emergency and non-emergency text and voice messages to your:

  • email accounts
  • cell phones, smartphones, tablets
  • voice messages to landline phones (home & work)

SMC ALERT is free. (Your carrier may charge you a fee to receive alerts on your wireless device). SMC ALERT is available in all cities and towns in San Mateo County. Please read the FAQ’s for more information.


Advisory: What You Need to Know This 4th of July

unnamed-1The San Mateo Police Department, in partnership with the San Mateo Fire Department and San Mateo Parks and Recreation, would like to wish all of you and your family a safe and fun 4th of July!  The 4th of July is an important day of remembrance, celebrating our freedom, and also a great time to say thank you to our armed forces and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made.

We would like to remind our community that fireworks are illegal in the City of San Mateo, including “Safe and Sane” fireworks, and there will be ZERO TOLERANCE.  We understand fireworks are colorful and fun when they go boom, but it is not worth the hefty $1,000 citation, injury, or fire hazard!  SMPD will issue citations to ALL parties found in possession of illegal fireworks.  As a legal alternative, Foster City and Redwood City both have wonderful firework shows.  For information please click the links below.  (Leo Ryan Park 9AM- 9:45PM) (2200 Broadway Street, Redwood City 7AM-10PM)

The Parks and Recreation Department want to inform everyone that Seal Point Park, Ryder Park, and Parkside Aquatic will be closed and barricaded at 6 PM.  These parks will be patrolled by Park Rangers, so keep in mind that the same firework laws apply to all city parks.  Your San Mateo Police Officers, Firefighters, and Park Rangers wish you a Happy 4th of July and hope your celebrations are safe and fun!

For full details, view this message on the web.

Man allegedly stabs roommate, sets house on fire

North Central neighbors may have heard about a recent fire on North Eldorado Street – here’s the story as reported by the Mercury News.

SAN MATEO — A 57-year-old man was arrested after reportedly stabbing one of his roommates, throwing a knife at another, and then trying set their house on fire Thursday evening, according to San Mateo police.

A 60-year-old resident of a home on North Eldorado Street called 911 around 7:40 p.m. to report that his roommate, identified as Keith Brian Love, threatened him with a knife and hit him in the face. The resident was outside the home when officers arrived and told them that Love tried to stab him and later threw the knife at him, police said.

While this was happening, Love reportedly poked his head outside the home and, upon spotting the officers, quickly retreated back inside and locked the front door, police said.

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Where to signup for emergency notifications via phone, text, email and social media

In light of recent events, I thought I’d post the places you can sign up for emergency notifications.

1. SMPD is currently using a third party service for some notifications that uses land-line (non-mobile) phone numbers from utility service providers like PG&E. Sgt. Decker at the SMPD says they will be phasing this out in the future but for now, make sure to update your numbers.

2. NIXLE — sign up here or text your zip code to 888777 to sign up for alerts. Mosquito abatement notifications have been coming through NIXLE.

( NIXLE360 — not quite yet up and running, but soon the SMPD will be using this service for emergency notifications. Keep an eye out.)

3. SMCAlert —   This is a San Mateo County system, and you can add multiple devices to get alerts by email, mobile phone, even Blackberry and pager devices. Recent notices have included the earthquake, a gas leak, and closures on 280.

4. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — look for SanMateoPD.

Thanks again to Sgt. Decker at the SMPD, for being on quick to respond and help get this info out to the community.

COMMUNITY HELPS SMPD DETECTIVES NAB BICYCLE THIEF Detectives also recover stolen bike valued at about $10,000

Detectives also recover stolen bike valued at about $10,000

On February 21st, a 38 year-old San Mateo resident parked and secured his bicycle outside the 24 hour Fitness on Bovet Road. He returned from his workout about an hour later to find that his bike had been stolen. The bicycle was a custom road race bike valued at about $10,000.

The bicycle was listed on Craigslist and purchased on the same day. Upon purchasing the bike, the purchaser realized that the bike appeared to be more valuable than what he paid for it. He contacted a local bicycle shop to inquire about it. The bike shop employee was familiar with this one-of-a-kind racing bike, and recognized that it was the victim’s stolen bicycle. The employee contacted SMPD. The stolen bicycle was turned over to SMPD, and has subsequently been returned to the owner. A photo of the bike is attached.

Detective Chris Egan assumed the investigation, and was able to develop information identifying Terrell Medley, a 35 year-old San Mateo Resident, as the suspect in the theft and sale of this bike. SMPD Detectives arrested Medley on February 23rd. He was booked into San Mateo County Jail on Grand Theft, Sale of Stolen Goods, and drug charges.

This is a great example of alert community members looking out for each other. Community Members should remember that the following precautions should be taken with valuable property to help potential recovery of the property if stolen:

• Take quality digital photos of your valuables.
• Have notes available about anything that may make the item unique.
• Record serial numbers or other identifying numbers.
• If able apply your own contact information or owner applied identifiers.
• Many owners find their own stolen property by searching Craigslist or other similar venues for their property.
• If your stolen property is located, contact the police to safely assist you in the recovery process.

Anyone with information about crimes in San Mateo can reach the San Mateo Police Department at the numbers below:

SMPD Dispatch – 650-522-7700
SMPD Investigations – 650-522-7650
Secret Witness Line – 650-522-7676
Text Anonymously – 650-262-3473
Email Anonymously –

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Please help us make your neighborhood safer and take a stand against crime. Please report all criminal behavior, join a neighborhood watch program, and help anyone that might fall victim to a crime. If a Neighborhood Watch doesn’t exist on your block, you can start one with help from SMPD. For additional information about the City of San Mateo Neighborhood Watch Program, call Sergeant Dave Norris at (650)522-7626 or visit our web

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