About Us

The Home Association of North Central San Mateo (HANCSM) is volunteer-run neighborhood association.

Our mission is to build an informed, engaged and connected community in North Central. We work together to advocate on behalf of our North Central neighbors to create a safe, healthy and vibrant community.

The primary role of HANCSM is serve the North Central community by:

  • Representing HANCSM members and North Central residents;
  • Supporting zoning to encourage a coherent neighborhood identity;
  • Supporting policies and projects that protect and enhance the natural environment, health, beauty and cultural diversity of the community;
  • Raising awareness about housing, community development and infrastructure plans, policies and proposals that affect North Central; and
  • Encouraging membership engagement, inclusive neighborhood participation and feedback on issues that pertain to our community.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.22.10 AMHANCSM Membership

HANCSM membership is for all of us who live or work in North Central San Mateo. Our organization welcomes home-owners, renters, property and business owners. As a member, you will receive HANCSM news, attend informative meetings, and be represented at City and County meetings.

Please complete the HANCSM Membership Application Form. Membership is not valid until payment and application have been approved.

Membership Dues: $10.00 per Calendar Year
Make check payable to: HANCSM
Mailing Address:  HANCSM c/o King Center, 725 Monte Diablo Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401

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Contact Us

Email: hancsm(at)gmail(dot)com